Sunday, April 22, 2018

Thoughts on Drawing

I have really enjoyed drawing and I feel much more capable of drawing after this class. Although some people may be naturally talented at drawing, I have realized that anyone can draw well if they are meticulous, patient and aware of drawing techniques. Putting detail (along with time and effort) into a drawing makes it so satisfying when it is finished. It is surprising to step back and see a finished piece - to see the culmination of detail look good when you started out with scrappy/scratchy sketches. It made me feel really proud to create something.

I think what was - and still is slightly - holding me back is committing to my drawings. Drawing recreationally, I would always draw something small and just for fun. I would see all the flaws of the first sketch and then just give up and find a new idea. Having deadlines in the class made me fully commit to the drawing. I would address any flaw I see and fix it, instead of ditching the idea. Knowing the caliber of previous peer drawings gave me something to aim towards and forced me to spend the time needed to make the drawing reach the level of my peers.

Commitment to drawings was also habituated through the sketchbook. Since each sketch should only take 15 minutes, any sketch I started I finished. Additionally, although I have always thought the size of an art piece does not mean much, drawing on a gigantic sketchpad made the biggest difference! Given something needs to fill the massive sheet of paper, a bigger drawing requires more time. Its size also opens up opportunity for more detail.

Post Duke, I will be buying a large sketchpad in the new place I live and will tie consequences to my drawings so I stay committed to them. I will then send photos of my finished drawing to Maya so I feel proud, and I hope she shall do the same.

Maya and I choosing what to draw from a magazine. Memories :")

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