Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thoughts on Drawing - Kora Kwok

I like drawing a lot because for me, it's a relaxing, almost meditative way to pass the time. When I'm working on a sketch or final drawing, I get lost in my own little bubble for a few hours; time flies, my mind clears, and I just draw.

One thing I particularly love about drawing is how it forces you to notice the details. Duke has a beautiful campus, and drawing different structures/spots on campus really made me look closer at all the little details surrounding that place – the subtle differences in architecture, the walkways, the windows and so forth. I gained a deeper appreciation for the places I drew, and the campus in general as well.

This class was amazing because it helped improve my drawing skills significantly. I'm happy to say I'm much better at drawing from observation now. The only suggestion I can think of is to spend more class time teaching specific drawing techniques. Most of the techniques I learned were from speaking with Bill outside of class, but I think other unexperienced artists in the class like me would have benefited from those learnings as well!

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