Monday, November 28, 2016

My thoughts on drawing

I never considered myself to be a very talented artist, however I have always loved making mandala/ tribal style doodles and prints. I took this class because I wanted to expand my abilities and experience. Unfortunately, I did not expect the process to be such a struggle. This drawing class has been a challenge to say the least. I can definitely see improvement in my work, but it did not come easy. I had to spend much more time than I had anticipated in order to make my pieces cohesive and carefully drawn. 
One thing I wish had been more heavily emphasized in class was techniques or how to’s for those who had relatively little experience. I know instructing drawing is difficult because everyone has their own style and it can’t be “taught” per se, but I think more instruction during the initial part of the class would have been helpful. However, I did like the process of doing a study drawing one week and then receiving feedback the second week. I think it helped everyone to refine their ideas and help with questions or gaps they might be having in the process. I also enjoyed seeing the unfinished versions of my peers.
Overall, I am happy I took the class because I have a newfound appreciation for the skill it takes to create realistic drawings. Some of the pieces my classmates have drawn just amaze me, especially now that I actually understand the process an artist goes through in order to produce that piece. Sometimes I look at the drawings and I actively feel like I’m experiencing the scene; that is something I didn’t really feel before this class. 

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