Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bryan Wynter ( Laetitia Beck)

Bryan Wynter
Bryan Wynter (8 September 1915 – 2 February 1975) was an abstract painter born in London, Great Britian. Despite his father will to succeed him as the head of the family business, at the age of 22, Wynter insisted on leaving the firm so he could attend art school. In 1937-38 he attended the Westminster School of Art, and in 1938-40 at the Slade School of Fine Art in Oxford.

Wynter enjoyed observing natural phenomena and kept notebooks with detailed observation on various subjects. His curiosity about nature  became the base of his work. During the 1950s after years of experimentation, Wynter’s painting became more abstract. The elements became harder to distinct and the scenes became harder to identify. His inspirations were different to those of his fellows in the artistic world. Wynter was interested in surrealism and was influenced by the English Neo- Romantic movement. 


As a response to one of these paintings, Wynter stated the following: “ I think of my paintings as a source of imagery, something that generated imagery rather than contains it. Obviously it is I who have put into them what they contain but I have done so with as little conscious interference as possible, allowing them at ever stage in their growth to indicate their own necessities.”  Here Wynter emphasis on the power of paintings and the importance of having the viewer reflect on personal experience without any outside interpretation. 

These paintings immediately grasped my attention when I was browsing through various art.
The amount of work and imagination just amazed me and changed the way I think about abstract painting. I learned about the idea behind abstract work which is the desire to evoke deep unconscious emotions and the importance of being aware of our feelings when observing a painting. 

Bryan Wynter by Michael Bird 2010

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