Monday, March 4, 2013

Leonid Afremov

Leonid afremov is born on July 12, 1955 Vitebsk, Belarus. He is a Russian-Israel who moved around to a lot of different countries during his time, including Israel, Russia, USA, and Mexico. He is a modern impressionist who uses palettes and oils. His main subjects of painting are landscapes, city scene, seascapes, flowers and portraits. Afremov doesn't do many galleries and sells most of his art works through the internet.
Oil on canvas and pallette knife
oil on canvas and pallette knife
I actually didn’t find Afremov’s paintings initially when I was browsing through the oxford encyclopedia of art. As I looked through a large array of styles I realized that I was very attracted to artists like Monet, who is an impressionist. But I still felt there was something from Monet’s paintings so then I started to look at other Impressionists painting, and that’s when I found Afremov. I’m a big fan of Afremov’s style because I love the bright color, the sense of light and the movement that the painting strokes’ add to the pictures. I always thought that being able to use exaggerated color intensity is very difficult simply because that requires the artist to draw something that they don’t really see in real life. 
Oil on canvas and palette knife

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