Friday, December 10, 2010

Moleskine Sketches (found online)

While skimming online I found some of the most interesting photos people had posted of their sketches. Some were done by freelance artists, and others simply travelers and observers. At the moment I'm considering taking up more sketching again, and perhaps investing in a portable notebook to take around. Rather than try to set up projects, drawing from observation this semester brought back a lot of nostalgia for simple observational thinking (that I don't do enough of by far). Back home in Honolulu, I'd used to take a camera and ribbons out on the weekends and tie blue ribbons around the abandoned factory sights or small diners i'd come across while biking. Perhaps in the interest of getting the feeling of simple exploration back, it'd be fun to pack up when summer hits and take a singles roadtrip down route 66 to do some sketching.

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