Thursday, December 9, 2010

Free Blog: DISNEY

I LOVE Disney and everything about it. From the magical world of Disney to the adorable Mickey Mouse, Disney never fails to cheer me up. One of the main factors that makes me go crazy for Disney is the animation behind it all. Without the hit movies and silly cartoons, Disney would not have become what it is today. Almost everyone is familiar with Disney's renditions of Snow White, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and other classic fairy tales in addition to the heartwarming Pixar movies, ie. Toy Story, Monsters Inc., etc. I loved attempting to recreate the characters, especially the princesses, in my sketchbooks. I wanted to capture their elegance on paper.
After many failures, however, I was introduced to an animation studio in Walt Disney World. It was at an attraction called "The Magic of Disney Animation." I got to watch a video that explored how Disney animation comes to life and the many steps behind it. It was such an interesting process of how many sketches one had to complete in order to make a character take only one step! After the video, we were given the opportunity to learn how to draw the legendary, Mickey Mouse. It was such an amazing moment for me, because I was given proper instructions and it didn't look too bad. Ever since then, I would always doodle Mickey Mouse in the corner of my homework or notes. Being able to learn how to properly draw something opened my eyes to other possibilities. One of the techniques included the guidelines that people include in their rough sketches. This would help with placement of certain features, such as eyes, and was a good way to plan everything out. Although this only helped for drawing characters, my constant doodling made me realize how interested I was in art. So I guess Disney's magic opened my eyes to art :)

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