Thursday, December 9, 2010

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Taking this drawing class opened my eyes to the large amount of art that surrounds us daily as Duke students. Art is evident in most every aspect of the Duke campus from the Bryan Center, to Perkins Library, to Cameron Indore stadium and everywhere in between. As soon as you step onto the Duke campus, the gothic architecture is immediately evident. The distinct architectural style is just the introduction to the impact that art has throughout the rest of campus life. The impact of fine arts is probably shown primarily through the Nasher museum. The art seen here allows Duke to be viewed as a place with a distinguished collection rivaling some of the larger art museums in other cities around the United States. Complimenting this art on a smaller scale, the Louise Jones Brown Gallery in the Bryan Center is another place to find collections of art on the Duke campus. Outside of the galleries, art is also spread throughout all of the academic and other buildings on campus. Student artwork and photographs of students participating in everyday activities can be found in most places. These small details make art more relatable and inviting to all the students on the Duke campus. Also, these pieces are placed in areas where numerous students go on a daily basis. Even these small touches of artwork enhance the Duke community.

Without taking this class I don’t think these small details would have been as apparent to me. I think that the influence of art adds something intangible to life at Duke. Having these small hints of different types of work makes the school more inviting and a happier place to be. Art acts as inspiration for student in many different ways and plays a critical role in the learning atmosphere. It is important to have this additional stimulation so that students can work up at their highest potential. I think that art should be continually updated and added to the environment. Just being a part of an art class made these small details of campus stand out. For this reason, I think that if everybody had the chance, taking an art class would positively contribute to their time at Duke.

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