Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Thoughts on Drawing - Alexi Kontos

Drawing has always been something important to me, always being a good release and a way for me to slow down from anything that might be stressing me out or overwhelming me. For me there have always been two hardest parts about drawing. 
First is, like most other people have wrote as well, getting started. For me in general I find that the creativity I need to start an original drawing takes a lot of time and often i don’t find it and just struggle to start my drawings. I’ve very much enjoyed this class’s structure with regard to the assignments. In high school my art classes never really had a set structure and there were no due dates, leading me to be a lot lazier than I should have been in completing my drawings. With this semester, having to finish a drawing each week pushed me to get things done and got me past that initial hump.

Second, when drawing I’m sort of a perfectionist. To me when I see a tiny little line that looks barely off, I feel compelled to fix it, even though in the long run if I were to take a step back it would look perfectly fine. This class has taught me that paying less attention to every detail helps you to make better art and also helps you get your mind out of the way. I’m looking forward to using what I’ve learned in this class in future art and drawings and to be able to expand further on what I already know.

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