Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I’m an anime fan and I used to draw all kinds of anime characters on scratch paper, notebooks, textbooks…basically anything made of paper. I feel myself immersed into my creations when I draw, and looking at the finished products is really fulfilling. 

Visual arts related fields, such as game design and animation production, have always been among my dream pathways, and this class is a good start for me. Drawing is fun, but it is a demanding task. I had to spend so much time dealing with lines, values and shades, and yet still sometimes things do not work out the way I want. The bristol boards look nothing special from a distance, but only after I start drawing on it do I realise how surprisingly huge it is. These struggles are worthwhile, however, because when I look back at my earlier work, I see how the many unexpected obstacles I encountered in this class have improved my skills, and better prepared me for my future artistic pursuits. 

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