Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thoughts on drawing

             I have always been enjoying doodling and sketching since I was a kid. When I saw something interesting from a book, a piece of newspaper, or just from outside the window, I sketch it on a random piece of paper and present it the way I like. Even these days, when I was going through my high school notebooks, I found random doodles and sketch in them and that reminds me of what I saw or do on a specific day. Drawing to me is another way to record my life. Although I have never taken any professional training class, drawing and designing became things I love to do and I somehow enjoy the “none-perfect” sketches I have.
            Comparing to movies, books are always more attractive to me because while reading everyone seems to have a different vague image in their mind of the characters, objects, and environments. Drawing to me is sometimes like writing a book: no matter what you want to present with your drawing, people are going to see different things based on their own experience and preference and have different stories going on in their mind. Even when I was looking at my own sketches from a long time ago, I read different things from them. I think at some point this is what drawing attracting me the most because it is not telling a fixed story but presenting some images and let the audience create their own stories.

            This semester’s drawing class is definitely rewarding. Before this class, I have never drawn landscape and still life. When I was doing random drawing in the past, I didn’t really look into the details of the objects and try to present what I saw precisely. I used to look at the things and draw how I thought it would be instead what I saw with my eyes. The still life practice and the landscape drawing do not only let me touch the drawing techniques but also enable me to draw what I see as it is and make me realize the importance of observation and details.

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