Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Thoughts on Drawing

This class has taught me many valuable drawing skills and stretched my comfort with through the focuses of the various assignments. My drawing experience in high school was highly specialized in the sense that I was only comfortable with a few kinds of drawings. I enjoyed drawing people and still lifes, but landscapes and linear perspective drawings never had much appeal in my eyes. The assignments this semester allowed me to explore these areas of drawing and to develop skills anywhere from empirical perspective to learning to describe trees without being overwhelmed with every detail. These skills could not have been learned if I had stuck to my narrow niche in drawing.

Beyond the assignments, one concept of drawing that I had never made much use of before this class was the study drawings. I often forget that drawing can be a useful first step in gathering and organizing your thoughts. It was nice to be able to roughly draft a drawing without attempting to perfect each detail. With the endless amount of work and the fast paced nature of Duke academics, slowing down to collect thoughts before an artwork was refreshing.

I had taken numerous art classes throughout high school, but upon coming to college I assumed that there would be no time to continue drawing. While I cannot take a drawing class every semester at Duke due to scheduling constraints, I am very glad that I had the opportunity to engage in drawing again. Drawing may not be a necessary skill in my current field of study or in future jobs, but I hope to continue to make time for drawing in the future.

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