Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thoughts on Drawing

Engineering is the science of answers. There’s a right way and a wrong way. A good decision and a bad decision.  Engineers pore over numbers all day until their left-minded brains scream out in agony.  Too many hours spent staring at a screen, trying to write a code to reality.  It’s time I went outside, saw the light, and draw something…

Yes, draw something.  Drawing is the artist’s depiction of reality. Each brushstroke is an equation, a universal law, the explanation for why a leaf falls in the winter in the wind. When I draw, there’s no need to second-guess myself.  I don’t have to think twice about what a professor who lived two hundred years ago has to say about my interpretation of reality.  To me, my drawing is how I see my world, and it is perfectly fine with me if Newton would contest the shapes of my shadows. I drew what I saw, or even sometimes, just what I wanted to see. And that worked. My answer was right just because I wanted it to be and I was free to write the rules. My only limitation was the size of my paper and the tools that I put to its glaring, white nothingness. 

There’s something empowering about creating with your own two hands.  You’re in the trenches, charcoal staining your skin, eraser peels littering your sweatshirt, until you vanquish the empty space between the lines. After long hours, you’ve earned the right to finish your story and hang it for all to see: a memento from an ancient battle.

Drawing gives me a creative freedom that inspires me to question the rules and inspire others. After discovering that my right brain can compete with my left brain, it’s time I challenged other engineers to think outside of the… page.

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