Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Drawing Thoughts -Jess Buttinger

 I've had an incredible experience in drawing class this semester. The past few semesters I had wanted to take a visual art class but I did not have the availability in my schedule. I hadn't realized how much I would get out of the course until now.
Three key take-aways from this semester are;

It helped me grow artistically, challenging my creativity along with my visual skills. Each project enabled me to take what I had learned from the previous project and build it into the existing one. Each project required a use of visual space and perspective, taking elements found on their own and combining them into a final product and creative vision thought out in my head. The most challenging project for me was the final project, I had difficulty taking the "unreal"/ "sci-fi" characters and placing them in a realistic space.

The second take-away was that each project allowed my brain to wander into a creative space, one in which I could relax and just think about the task at hand, putting the pencil to paper. This was a relaxing change for me, i'm used to taking science based classes with labs in which there are only specific answers to homework and projects given. This class was completely different in that there are no solid answers, every project is up to our own interpretation and the best results come when the most time is devoted to the project.

Finally, the class required that I think critically of not only my own art but the art of others. I gained artistic language that allowed me to offer advice to my fellow peers in class, working as a class in offering suggestions to better each others final products. It was so fun to watch the growth of everyone in our projects throughout the semester!!

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