Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Drawing Thoughts

I had very little experience drawing before this class.  I've always been extremely interested in drawing, but I've never believed that I could actually do it.  I finally decided to sign up for this class to try and improve my skills, and I am extremely glad that I did.  Being forced to draw so much in the sketchbook and for the projects has improved my drawing immensely.  I have really enjoyed having a sketchbook and being able to draw, and I wish I had more time to draw more.

The class was definitely a much larger time commitment then I initially thought.  This semester would have been much easier if I had taken an elective with a much smaller time commitment, but I would not have learned as much as I did or grown as much as an artist had I done that.  I definitely hope to continue my progress as an artist by continuing to draw.  Even just a small sketch can help a lot.

This year I took four engineering classes as well as this class, and the change from science and math heavy courses to a more creative course was extremely nice.  It was a needed break from the constant engineering, and whether or not I continue to take more drawing classes I will definitely continue drawing as a sort of stress relief.  It was nice to be able to do something that did not necessarily have a right or wrong answer.  Nothing I did was necessarily wrong, yet there was definitely a way that it could have been done better.  Finding out how to create something in a better, more realistic way was both challenging and interesting.  Drawing is something that I can continue to expand my abilities in as time goes on.

While I did not have any formal art experience, I believe this has been a great experience that has shown I am not completely inept at art.  It is something that I still have plenty of room to grow into, but it is also something that I very much enjoy and will have fun expanding.  This class has given me the confidence to draw and not care how others view it, as long as I know I am growing and expanding my abilities.  Through this I hope to further improve my drawing skills outside of class.

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