Monday, December 4, 2017

Thoughts on Drawing

From taking this class, I learned a lot about myself as an artist. I learned that I sometimes lack the patience it takes to complete a drawing that I might not be entirely inspired by. I also learned that I prefer using color instead of pencil or charcoal. Sketching in my notebook allowed me to discover this. I gained the most from my sketchbook because I had the most freedom. With my sketchbook I could explore what drawing means to me, and what I am most interested in. Since before this class I had done mostly painting, drawing in pencil for me became tedious, but I think it was important for me to experience using only pencil and charcoal because it pushed me to use more detail. I developed as an artist because I was forced to stick with a project, even if I became frustrated. After taking Drawing 199 I realised why this is a prerequisite for other courses. Once you learn how to observe space, it becomes much easier to begin a project, whether it is a drawing, painting, or sculpture.

I do not think I will spend as much time drawing in the future, but I hope to take everything I have learned and apply it to other art classes I will take at Duke. I think I prefer other modes of art, but they all connect to each other, so I do not feel that this class was a waste. I am glad I took it because it pushed my patience and attentiveness to detail. I hope I have the motivation to continue sketching in the future, because it was a way for me to unwind after completing my other schoolwork.

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