Monday, December 4, 2017

Thoughts on Drawing

Thoughts on Drawing

Looking back at my very first study drawing, this class has left me astounded by my evolution as an artist. In a short period of fourteen weeks, from being afraid to shade in objects, I feel confident building textures and landscapes. The importance of having the skill of drawing in one's arsenal is one that simply cannot be overlooked, and one I will be thankful for developing no matter what field I end up pursuing. 

I personally enjoy drawing for the same reason I computer science. While this relationship may seem odd, there is a lot more similarity between the fields than one would think. Both give me the freedom to express the things I am most passionate about. Whether it be experimenting with things I see around me and capture in my sketchbook to expressing the inspirations around me in lines of code. 

Personally, I love more technical -be it design or architecture related- drawings. Drawings with great attention to dimensions and design are fascinating, and one of the primary goals I had going into this class was building this skill. Works like the ones below by Christo are some of my favorites because of this very attention to details and architecture. 


This class definitely expanded my appreciation for more free expression art. Having come into this class afraid of drawing bold lines and making mistakes, I think the key skill professor Fick helped me build was my confidence in truly expressing the textures and designs I envision and overall the confidence in my strokes. This lead me to discover artists like Phillipe Vandenberg, whose drawings follow no constraints, and beauty lies in pure creative expression by the artist. How an artist can create something so beautiful and meaningful with bold doodles astonishes me, and below is one of my favorite drawings. 

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