Monday, March 6, 2017

Sunga Park: Harrison Taee

Sunga Park: Harrison Taee

Sunga Park is a Korean artist living in Bankok, she is a graphic designer and freelance illustrator who's unique work catches the eye. She is self taught and utilises a blend of watercolour and pen to create dreamy images. Sunga Park enjoys the "unpredictable" nature of watercolour and states that: “Watercolours taught me about life, because I created tons of failures over repeated attempts.”
Her work includes intricate architecture of the places she has travelled, from India to Europe. She therefore boasts a wide variety of interesting structures:

 Figure 1:
Figure 2:

Figure 1, Park depicts an Oxford cathedral and Figure 2, a German cathedral. Here you can clearly see her drippy depictions of architectural landmarks. She allows the entire painting to fade from a marvellously intricate detailed structure to a wash of unprecedented colour. This creates a dreamlike image that is profoundly simple and beautiful.

Figure 3:
Figure 4:
Figure 5:

She also produces portraits which are immaculate in colour, beauty and expression. She emphasises the wrinkles and withering shape of old faces in an extremely provocative way. She also shows an overwhelming amount of colour as well as using her fade technique to add to the mystery.

Sunga Park means a lot to me as I used to try to copy her style throughout high school. I completed a project on her my senior year where I tried to reach out and retrieve an interview. Although that failed, she remains one of my favourite modern day artists.


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