Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Steve Butcher is a world renowned tattoo artist, known for his immaculate realism style tattoos that are almost too good to be real. He had always been an artist growing but he started tattooing in 2011 (which isn’t that long ago) and he got into tattooing when one his friends, who was a tattoo artist at the time, saw one of his paintings he was doing for art school. Steve decided to give it a shot and started tattooing anybody who would let him. When he first started tattooing he do any and every kind of style that exists. He was originally interested in doing Oriental and illustrative tattoos but he also always knew he wanted to do realism tattoos, since they are currently the most popular. Steve prefers to tattoo in color since he finds it more challenging than tattooing in just black and white (which it is), but he still does both. 

Steve’s favorite kinds of tattoos to do are sports pictures (like the one above) especially basketball, since that is his favorite sport. He expresses his love for the NBA in many interviews and raves about how much he enjoys doing basketball tattoos. He also does other sports as well as comic book characters, animals, movie characters, etc. In addition, he also enjoys doing large, oversized projects, like a back piece, that will give the “wow factor” when it is complete.

His ability to capture very fine detail in his work makes him one of the most recognized realism tattoo artist in the world. His tattoos generally take a large amount of hours, so he spreads them out over a couple days.  

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