Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My Thoughts on Drawing

Every since I was little, I constantly drew. Although it sounds silly, throughout elementary school I would carry a notebook around with me, and just look at the clouds and draw the shapes of the clouds until the shape inspired me enough to turn into an image. I was obsessed with dragons since I was little; they were always a common theme in my drawings even today. By middle school, I kept a dream journal and would draw and even paint my dreams. In high school, I would draw all over my notebooks and the back of my sheet music during orchestra class. 

Ever since I came to Duke, I became a lot busier. As a biology major on the pre-medical track, I found I had much less time take a breath in the day and let out my creativity through drawing. I found I drew less and less. Taking this class at Duke has reminded me that drawing is such an important part of my life. I am graduating in two weeks, and then will be off on my gap year, and I will use this time to discover myself more. I have always considered an art career, but I have worked so hard on my science path that I am not sure what path to take. I love both paths, but given how demanding medical studies will be, I fear I will never have time in my life to devote to art if I choose that path. I have always wondered what I could be capable of if I just sat down and trained myself to let out my art, but I have never had time. In the free time I have, I want to take a break, but art unfortunately is not a break for me, it feels like work. 

I will make an effort to make art and creativity a part of my life, and this class has reinforced that. Last year, I got a tattoo of a dragon that I drew in high school. I am so proud of it, and it is a symbol for me that creativity and adventure are what I seek and strive for in life. Until then, I will work to find myself more this coming year as I enter the next phase of my life after Duke.

~Courtney Goodman

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