Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thoughts on Drawing: An artform that helped me stop and smell the roses

Having never taken an art class before, I was very intimidated by the art of drawing. I couldn’t understand how people could create such vivid pictures always starting with a blank slate. I didn’t used to like the idea of drawing because the idea of pursuing something that I didn’t have a skill for disinterested me. I didn’t understand how individuals knew which lines to draw and in what fashion to draw a realistic replica of what is true. I never thought drawing was a skill I could ever pursue. However, the weekly sessions allowed me to understand some basics to help the skill seem less arduous and broke down the language of the art into ideas I could comprehend ie. “drawing what is there,” using negative shapes to help outline the positive, using your pencil as a scale, etc. With time, I found myself more comfortable with attempting more challenging objects and became more excited about the prospect of drawing each week. I was definitely intimidated by my lower skill level, but I realized that drawing could be a relaxing outlet.

            With the weekly sketchbook drawings, I noticed I started to view my surroundings differently. I would pay more attention to the lines and shape of certain objects and caught myself analyzing everyday objects I wouldn’t look twice at to understand their makeup. Drawing has taught me to be more perceptive and patient. Sometimes it seems as if I am always moving quickly or in a rush or hurry or running out of time. Devoting time to my weekly pieces and sketches forced me to slow down, concentrate, collect my thoughts, and relax. I really appreciate the patience and perceptivity that this drawing class, in particular, has helped me locate. Although I am far from a skilled, well-practiced artist I have learned some technical and generic life skills that have made me very fond of drawing.

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