Monday, November 30, 2015

Alex's Thoughts on Drawing

I took an art class in high school and really enjoyed it, but I guess I suffered then from the same problem I do now - I draw too fast.  I tried to slow things down on the last couple of assignments and I definitely feel as if I have improved, but I am still not too happy with my textures.  Drawing is fun and relaxing, although it sometimes feels weird since I'm used to studying for exams and doing problem sets, this was a different type of work that I wasn't really familiar with.

I really liked the last two assignments, although I feel more confident about my next-to-last drawing, if only because it didn't have trees or other objects with lots of texture.  I enjoyed seeing other people's drawings - they are incredibly talented and I wish I could draw like them.  However, maybe I will continue to practice drawing so that I can improve.

Although I expected the class to only use pencil, I really love using charcoal.  I love the contrast it creates and even though it's messy, it's my preferred drawing tool.  I never used charcoal in high school, so it was something new to me and I'm glad that we got to use it.

Drawing at Duke has been fun and I really enjoyed this class!

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