Friday, December 6, 2013

Thoughts on Drawing

When I first signed up for this class, I wasn't sure what I was in for. I have dabbled in drawing and other visual arts but I have never had the opportunity to try and hone any sort of skills, and I thought this was the perfect opportunity. Although I quickly realized that my ability was nowhere near that of the other students, I did really enjoy the class. It was hard for me to see my work, which I knew still needed a lot of work, hanging up next to all of the beautiful drawings other students had created. However, this did help me to stop comparing myself to the work of other people, which I have been struggling with in many classes other than drawing. I stopped looking at what everyone around me was doing, and focused on the progress I was making. And I saw that I did learn a lot. I think that the shaky, sketchy drawings I started out creating are much different than the final drawing I produced. And though it was hard after seeing where everyone else had ended up, I did leave the class proud of my final drawing and my portfolio and of all the work I had put into them.

Through taking this course I also realized what kind of drawings I enjoyed. I realized very quickly that I do not enjoy drawing landscapes, but I do enjoy drawing the objects around me. I also realized that I prefer cartoon-ish drawing. I have found that my drawings turn out much better when I employ this style. I'd never really tried to draw things as I see them, and this class forced me to do so which allowed me to explore other techniques. I found it really difficult to produce the drawings on a deadline, but I know I would have spent two months on a single drawing if I was allowed to turn them in whenever I pleased, so I realize deadlines are a necessary evil. I don't think having a deadline had any impact on my enjoyment of drawing, but the pressure of grading might have had a slight one. Drawing is something I had only ever done to make birthday cards or other insignificant things, so by working toward a grade I felt more pressure to get everything right and a lot of frustration when I was just unable to do so

In the end, I am really glad that I took this class. It was really fun and a good way to start every week. Thanks for an awesome semester!

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