Monday, December 2, 2013

Thoughts on Drawing

My earliest memories of drawing date back to when I was a child and my almost infant brother and I would have “drawing contests”. In my family the love for drawing was deeply rooted in my mother and fathers and thus it spread on to us. When it came to natural talent, my brother stole all the glory as he could pick up a pencil and draw anything almost life-like in a minute. Although I was more methodical and hesitant with my drawings, I always enjoyed it very much and it was one of my favorite hobbies. Unfortunately, when the schoolwork and other activities picked up, there was no more time for drawing. Since entering high school I had been dying to take an art class again and this semester was my first opportunity to do so.

This drawing class truly opened my eyes to all the beauty and work behind drawing. Although my parents had always tried to teach us about lines, shading, and space I never processed it as well as I did during this class. It is incredible to see how each line and each mark on the page comes together to define and give a feeling to the piece, sometimes even an unintentional one. It was a great learning experience to go back to the basics and progress forward throughout the semester. As I look at my portfolio, I can truly see a progression in my style and use of different techniques. I know that during some of the last drawings I used the techniques without even thinking about it, almost like it had become natural. During all our drawings I truly felt like I was immersed in the process, and like we said during some of our critique sessions, I felt certain emotions during each of them.

Even after this drawing class ends, I do not plan to stop drawing. Amongst my science and math classes, drawing is the perfect change of pace that I want and need.  After all the time and effort I’ve put into it this semester, it would be a waste to stop and lose all the technique I have developed. Thankfully, this semester left me with many supplies and if I do not get to continue taking art courses, at least I have the materials to immerse myself in a drawing at home. Perhaps, I may look into drawing with more color, but I also love the feeling that charcoal gives. The opportunity to take this drawing class in college was a great one and it truly has been one of my favorite classes. I cannot wait to return home and hopefully have a drawing contest with my brother once more, where my technique and practice with trump over some of his natural talent.

Thank you!

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