Monday, November 26, 2012

Rachel's thoughts on drawing

Thus far in my education (high school and college), I have had limited exposure to the arts. I have always favored writing and reading to expressing myself through other media. I initially signed up for this class in hopes that I would be able to improve my communication style by adding another dimension. Given my limited experience, this class has been a real challenge for me... but, it has been truly inspirational to see what other people are capable of. 

As somewhat of a perfectionist, this class taught me to relax a bit and forgive myself for my lack of experience. Though this was not what I expected to gain out of this drawing class, I think it is an important lesson for me to carry with me as I move beyond Duke. I don't think I will ever be a great drawer, but I do hope that I can find some ways to practice and improve in ways that feel accessible and fun. 

I am excited to go back to NY and visit some of the museums with a new appreciation for all of the hard work and creativity present in many of the great works of art. I have always loved looking at art, but never really thought about what it must be like to create at that skill level... I think I will get a lot more out of other people's work now that I have made some attempts on my own. 

Overall, I am glad that I took this class. I know I have a long long way to go, but I am glad I started now rather than later! It has been great to round out my academic schedule with a creative pursuit, and I really appreciate the opportunity to do so. Thanks! 

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