Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Drawing Everyday

I've always enjoyed drawing when I was a lot younger. In a way, just sitting on a chair with a pencil and paper in hand, focusing on making shapes appear on a canvas seems one of the most relaxing things I could do. However the last time I actually drew something was in middle school. In the past 6-7 years I have never actively put myself in a situation where I have to draw/doodle something every few days. Often times it would just be me feeling lazy/busy, not having an good idea of what I want to draw or sometimes just feeling that I don't have the proper skills/tools to draw something good. But after being somewhat "forced" to actually sit and draw for extended periods of time, I rediscovered I do thoroughly enjoy drawing. I realized it often doesn't really matter if you are good at drawing or whether the drawing you did was realistic or not but it's the process of slowing building it up, the enjoyment from creating your own space on the canvas that makes it great. 

Of course the techniques learned in this class definitely also helped me learn to see with a different angle when drawing, the most interesting one being the idea of negative space. It allows me to actually put every into perspective accordingly, which tremendously helps my drawing skills. But I also realized that the best way to improve at something is the consistent practice you have to do (which the class definitely helped on that). 

I recently have just bought a new set of drawing equipment and am definitely looking forward to drawing more in the future.

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