Monday, November 30, 2015

Thoughts On Drawing

Throughout my life time, I have never spent much time drawing. I have not even spent much time thinking about drawing. Drawing was such a different activity to me, and I always thought I would not enjoy it because I was so busy and interested with different sports. Taking this class has made me regret not thinking much about drawing, because I have been able to learn so much about myself through drawing.

At the start of this class I had no prior experience to drawing, and that definitely showed in my early drawings. As the class continued on, I believe I began to show many improvements in my drawings. I spent more and more time on each one, and began to grow happier and happier. I learned to use the techniques professor had taught us in previous weeks, and translate them into my drawings today. I am so interested in drawing now that I keep my own personal sketch book, something I could not see myself doing years ago.

My favorite drawing of the year was the Drawing From Photos drawing. I drew a barn in a field with a white fence in front. I spent hours on this drawing trying to prove to myself that the more time I spend, the happier I will be with my work. As I continued to work on this project, I began to realize that I have learned so much this semester because I could not of imagined myself drawing like this three months ago!

I took this class to explore in different areas that I had no prior experience in, and I am so glad I chose drawing!

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