Saturday, November 21, 2015

Drawing at Duke: Blog Assignment #2

Coming into the class as an engineer, I felt like I wouldn't be on the same level as a lot of the other students in the class. The most drawing I'd done in my engineering design classes were sketches of free body diagrams and maybe a few 3D models. This year I took two ARTSVIS classes - this one and Digital Imaging. It was challenging for sure and took a lot of time/work, but I definitely enjoyed the change of pace from the typical yet endless engineering lectures, labs, and problem sets. I soon found out that you can really make some work that you'll be proud of if you spend enough time erasing and re-doing, trying and trying again. However frustrating the class may have been at times, I certainly felt that I learned a lot from the experience. Although in my future I will probably not produce drawing/sketches worthy of publication and the like, I believe the class has and will help me a lot as a full-time engineer: it will give me a sense of pride and confidence in my drawing abilities as well as provide me with a method of communication with pictures not just numbers and words.

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