Sunday, November 15, 2015

Blog Assignment #2: Thoughts on Drawing

     I have always loved art and have thought of it as very significant part of my life. I have tried to the best of my ability to work on it throughout my nineteen years. When I was nearing the end of my high school career I was nervous because I didn’t think that I would have time to dedicate to art and quite frankly the ability “to stick to it”.

     Freshman year I realized how much I missed working on art and constantly made plans to go to the Arts Annex but never followed through on the plans, which is exactly what I feared would happen. Eventually, during December break I started following a local student artist on Instagram and absolutely fell in love with her work. After seeing her work, I wished to be creating work of my own and immediately decided that I would “get back into it”.

     Before coming back to school for the Spring semester, I gathered all my art supplies from home, bought a new pack of drawing pens and a fresh sketchbook. I told myself that  I would make myself draw a few times a week at the very least. I didn’t have to. Once I started again I couldn’t stop. I wanted to be sketching and drawing all the time and while I was always aware of my love of art, I once again gained a deeper appreciation for it.

     During this time I also decided to take an art class during the next semester, in further effort to continue practicing. I really have loved this class and enjoyed it very much and am so glad I made the decision to take it. I find that as my classes are getting harder I have less and less time to dedicate to drawing but taking a class in it really helps me set time aside for it.

     At this point I am planning on taking another art class next semester, a painting class and hope to end up minoring in Visual Arts. As I move through my time in college I anticipate learning a lot more about art, developing my skills and hopefully just maintaining my connection to this wonderful discipline.

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