Sunday, November 28, 2010

Extra Post

I just got back from Thanksgiving break, and I was planning to do some drawing, but I didn't. I sketched once while my father was driving, but other than that I could not find the desire or will to draw anything at all.
It's weird because as far back as I can remember and throughout high school, I was always drawing things, but now I find it more and more difficult to find something that inspires me to pick up a pencil; it feels like a chore now. I thought taking classes would spark something, and in some ways this class has. My creative juices are forced to flow, and my mind is forced to think differently; my mind can relax and work simultaneously when I work on art. But this still does not extinguish that feeling of wanting to desire something more but not being able to bring it back to life.
I will probably always appreciate art because of what it an do for one's mind and spirit, but I wonder if I somehow just grew out of art. It seems strange that something I used to love so much is something I no longer love. I only like art sometimes, and when I see art in galleries, I just see pictures; I am not really looking for any meaning or wondering how the artist did something. Then again, I don't think I ever examined art that way. I think I loved art because I loved using my hands and liked having a free mind. So, I wonder if I could possibly love art again if I just stopped taking art classes and let the art come to me instead of going to it.

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