Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Paul Klee

Born on December 18, 1879, Paul Klee was a master of many arts, and often combined them into one mixed media piece. He was born in Switzerland to a family of musicians, the youngerof two children, and in fact grew to be quite talented at the violin, which he often played with the Bern symphony orchestra. He lived in Germany where grew to be a teacher of art. Klee was very interested in cubism and liked to keep his works somewhat primitive. He produced over 10000 works of different medias, however he is best known for his water colors. During the peak of his career in Germany, the Nazi party announced that Klee was a "degenerate", andbanned him from all art exhibits. He then returned to Switzerland to continue his passion. Unfortunately just two years after returning to Switzerland, Klee was diagnosed with scleroderma, which is a rare skin disease. He lived five more years, in which he continued to create art.

Personally I find Klee fascinating, mainly due to
his range of talent in the arts. He not only flourished as a visual artist, but as a musical one as well. Klee caught my attention because of his simplistic way of drawing. Like the drawing on the right which is simply a line scribbled, or the one above titled "Forgetful Angel". I also really like how he uses many different methods of artistry to create one piece, while still being able to keep it simple. Like in Klee's "Twittering Machine", shown below. Water colors were used to create a piece of paper with many values, and even an appeared texture. Then the paper was mounted on board, then finally drawn on top of. There was obviously a lot of work put into this piece, but Klee is able to keep the simplicity in it as well. Overall I think that Klee uses interesting techniques to create a unique and risque form of art, which is evident by his art's banishment from Germany.

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