Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mariano Salvador Maella (1738-1819)

Mariano Salvador Maella was a Neoclassical Spanish Painter that contributed to the art world within the early 18th century. His art work exhibits beautiful use of light and dark shading as well as detailed illustrations of saints and human figures. His work was commonly commissioned for the Spanish Royalty and prolifically exhibited in Byzantine Cathedrals.

A lot of his work had a religious theme, the painting to the right for example, titled Adoration of the Shepherds, depicts Baby Jesus surrouded by Shepherds, Mary, and Angels. Maella's talent illustrating light sources, makes it seems like Baby Jesus is radiating and adds an ethereal quality to the painting. The painting up top, titled Marina, depicts a ground of individuals around a marine port. Again Mariano Maella adds brilliance to his light sources and portrays the skyline and clouds beautifully.

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