Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Some Art Resources

I thought this might interest some of you, perhaps not if you're not in the Thursday class, but anyhow...

I usually try to go through new posts at conceptart.org, mainly because it's become a habit over the years and partly because it's entertaining to read some of the posts. While going through some old archives this week, I came across a zip folder with a few free drawing related books. One book in particular talks about how to draw with a painter's eye and was written by Andrew Loomis back in the late 50s or early 60s - not sure. Bridgman books are also great, but he focuses on anatomy, so scratch that from the list of books useful for the current assignment. My best guess is that I got the files from one of the posts over at CA.org, but here are the links to the Web Archive pages for some books from that post:

I also like searching through some other sites every now and then too, if it helps at all.

Have fun drawing... or at least try not to stress too much.

student post ftw, and don't forget to scan anything you download off the internet... nothing came up on my scans, but you never know.

*Edit: Link regarding use of photos*

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