Thursday, April 25, 2013

I have had a good experience in my drawing class this semester. I like to draw to relax and show a creative side of me that is not easily expressed through my everyday actions. Time was a limiting factor in my drawing that really hindered some of my work. I realized it takes patience to really create a project. I hav not had much free time during my college career so drawing has taken a backseat to many other things but this semester i was reintroduced to drawing and the reasons that i love to do it. I wanted to learn more about drawing and it techniques so that i could improve on my work. I am good at copying picture from the internet but not at creating my own works. I have gotten better at creating but i still have a lot to work on.

I have learned that i need too budget time to draw so that i don't loose the skills that i have learned. If i draw for some time each day i will begin to get better in the areas that i am lacking in. I really need to wrk on my shading and values as i have seen that shading is what can really transform a piece of art.

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