Thursday, November 17, 2011



I have learned to love the richness of it, the possibility of creating a world so much more drastic yet simple than the one in which we live. The opportunity to let the world see what I wish existed is beautiful, to say the least.As Glenn Vilppu once said, "There are no rules, only tools..." and that is one aspect of drawing I adore. Once you can create, know the fundamentals, know how to put the thunderstorm of ideas in your mind on paper, there ARE no more rules.

And for that very same reason, I absolutely hate still life drawing. To me, there is little capacity for creation or rule-breaking. This form of art is stifling and basic; I don't connect with it and don't care for it. Now, if you can string together objects and tell a story with them...MAKE a connection happen, I don't mind as much....but without life present, my inspiration fails. I think it is evident in my work as well. At this class' start, my work was admitted not my best. It wasn't that I wasn't giving effort, I actually gave more effort then than now. I just couldn't connect with the material, and therefore the art didn't come naturally. However, with narratives and the possibility to be creative, I think it is evident that I have flourished compared to the beginning of the class.

Now that I have told you my opinion on drawing in general, here are some examples of why I love it...time to show, not tell: (one of them is a little fake, but I still like it!!!)

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