Monday, April 22, 2019

to be an artist at duke

To be an artist at duke is to be independent. It means seeking out things you’re interested in by yourself and taking the time and effort to reach out to the right people and forging your own path with little guidance.

I sometimes think it is hard to be an artist at duke. While the resources are abound and spaces like the arts annex and ruby exist, i think we should publicize more the experimental works of students who are pushing boundaries. This was hard to find before the Ruby, but over the past year i’ve seen more showcases of experimental work from students and I very much appreciated the opportunity to do so. from installations like the ocean room to exhibits like the invisible organ to reception parties of student published zines like recipes of resilience, having the accessible space of the ruby has promoted art installations to grow beyond 2D pieces and has opened my eyes to ways of expression and creation in new ways. 

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