Monday, December 4, 2017

Thoughts on Drawing

Taking this class was actually a really interesting experience for me. I did art for all four years of high school—and by my junior and senior had really developed my own “style.” Since high school, I haven’t done a lot of art—little sketches and projects here and there, sure—but nothing like the constant work I did before. I was a little concerned that I’d have lost a lot of ground from going such a long stretch without really practicing. But I was relieved to find when I started this class that that wasn’t the case.

I’ve never given too much credence to the saying that our art is a reflection of ourselves—but I was definitely surprised by the differences between my art in high school and my art now. When I started drawing again—and especially doing sketchbook pages—I found that some aspects of my style had naturally changed, without me even trying. My artwork in high school was a lot more visually busy—with expressive (or messy) lines and brushstrokes everywhere. Now I’ve noticed my work has become more tidy and geometrically-based. My use of color is similar both then and now though.

Example of my art from high school

A sketchbook page from this semester

I’m not sure why my work’s taken on a more modern aesthetic, but I definitely like it. I like that I’m more comfortable with simplicity and negative space. It’s like I’ve lost the need to “prove myself” or something. I also find that I relate to my current work much more than I do to my earlier work—which suggests that my work in this class is a more accurate reflection of who I am now. It’s interesting to be able to track these changes so clearly.

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