Saturday, December 2, 2017

Thoughts on Drawing

In high school, I took every art class my school offered. I have always loved to draw, as I found it enjoyable and relaxing and a way to express my interests. However, as time went on, I found myself enjoying art less and less as I found myself constrained by assignment specifics and obligations. While drawing used to be a hobby that I would use to relax, it has became somewhat stressful. In this class, I enjoyed the in-class assignments because they were challenging and we were made to practice different techniques. However, I often felt stressed and didn't enjoy the assignments out of class because I never had the time to put as much effort into them as I wanted to.
As for the subjects of our drawing assignments, I did like drawing some parts of Duke because they were beautiful and challenging. However, I felt like I couldn't be very creative and was forced to only draw certain things, which took the fun out of it. While the assignments were challenging and made me think, I didn't find them very enjoyable and viewed them more as an annoying obligation than relaxing. For me, whenever a drawing is for an assignment rather than for fun, I get almost no enjoyment out of making it, no matter what the subject. In addition to this, I find myself having less and less time to draw for fun as I get older, and it's a hobby that I wish I could go back to but can never seem to find the time.
I'm glad I took this class, because I did learn new techniques and how to apply them to different types of drawings. I hope to be able to draw more in the future, and will definitely keep in mind the skills I learned here.

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