Friday, April 24, 2015

How This Class Has Affected My Drawing

-Vincent Bivona

Ever since I was a child, I have always been fascinated with drawing.

For me, drawing is a unique creative outlet in that empowers me to convey my own perspective of the world around me. For this reason, I have always enjoyed depicting images and scenes through drawing. I have also always had an interest in taking a drawing class but never quite got around to it. And so, drawing for me is one of the interests or skills that I  had believe I have failed to explore or develop until I decided to take this class.

This class has equipped me with the tools necessary to create art.

Having explored different drawing techniques throughout the semester, I now feel capable of creating pieces of art that I am proud of. After realizing the many aspects of drawing that I was not aware of before the course, I have come to appreciate drawing itself more as an art form. I now recognize drawing as an extremely intricate, technical process that can be used as a powerfully creative tool in communicating ideas through image or the telling of a story through image.

This class has motivated me to continue drawing.

After seeing how my work has developed and evolved throughout the course of the class, I now feel excited about developing my skills further. Before taking this class, I had stopped drawing for pleasure. However, being pushed to draw, I have realized once again how much I enjoy drawing. Overall, as a result of this class, I have come to respect, enjoy, and appreciate drawing more than ever before.

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