Sunday, November 24, 2013

Thoughts on Drawing, Anna LeBleu

Creativity means a lot to me. I think it speaks volumes when someone can portray the ordinary as extraordinary, giving meaning to something that may have once seemed commonplace. I have always had an affinity for design, and my goal in art class as well as in other areas of my life has been to cultivate this sense of creativity, and perhaps inspire it in those around me. This year I enrolled in Drawing 199 as a way to hopefully exercise my less-academic abilities and gain a new skillset in an area that interests me.

Prior to the class, I really had no formal experience with drawing. I simply hoped that my general sense of aesthetic, detail-oriented outlook and skills with past arts and crafts projects would carry me through. This did not turn out to be the case, as I soon realized that most people in the class had taken art classes their entire lives and took the process more seriously. My classmates have created some truly spectacular works, and I am simply in awe of their originality and technical abilities. My own sketches have faired somewhat poorly in comparison, and while I have enjoyed the class, it has also helped me come to realize that drawing is not what I ought to pursue.

The class has given me an opportunity to try several different drawing methods and to learn more in the realms of layout, composition and proportionality. I have enjoyed my time spent working on less academic endeavors, and it has been somewhat of a break from the monotony of other class readings and math problems. I appreciate the skills I have learned in this class, and I wish my classmates who are pursuing art in the future the best of luck. I am so impressed with their dedication and skills!

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