Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jose Manuel Merello

Jose Manuel Merello was born in Madrid in 1960 and grew up teaching himself to paint and draw, inspired by works in the Prado Museum of Madrid. His works have a Mediterranean and Spanish feel, with references to Picasso and Matisse in his paintings. After look through a book of modern artists, Merello’s abstract sketches captured my attention. I thought it was also interesting that he thinks of himself as a somewhat second tier artist, explaining that he feels as if he is the foundation for artists who lead the trends. He explains that, “…what interests me is to draw from the classic and contemporary traditions, deepen into the walked path, and remain vigilant – like many other artists – to provide vanguard artists a solid foundation.”[1] 

Art of Spain, Artists. Spanish Painting.-Smoker (29x21 cm) Pencil[2]

It is said that Jose Merello is known for joining in a whole, all of the different artistic schools. I enjoy the simplicity of this sketch, the different textures of the lines, and the abstract way the woman's face is drawn. 

FIGURATIVE PAINTING.- Sensual. (92x73 cm) Acrylic[3]

Jose Merello seems to blend here the technical and intense with the sensual, using clear structure and lines with blended and blurred aspects to the left. What results is a shocking and seductive art work.

Art in Spain Artists. Spanish Painting.-Sketch for Starts Girl (92x73 cm) Acrylic/Oil[4]

Jose Merello, in his sketches seems to choose women as his subjects and explains that he does this because he is a Spanish Artist who "is branded with fire for life.” Many of his works include fat women, beautiful, women, and old women, sketched in a way that reveals some sort of insecurity or struggle; struggle that Merello encountered growing up by walking through the streets of Madrid.

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