Thursday, April 28, 2011

Drawing Blog Thingie (Tianyu)

Some history, since other people seemed to have talked about it.

So, I've probably drawn my whole life. Mostly informally though. I started scribbling and tracing things at first and as a kid I started with pokemon (something like the below)
as I got better and older, I transitioned to Dragon Ball Z and Yugioh and then to other TV shows. So from elementary school to middle school, I mostly doodled, drawing the imaginary monster, what I thought at the time would be a cool weapon, and exploding objects and stuff like that, typical little boy things. Thing was, I had always liked drawing and drew on the side. However, in middle school, we were only allowed to pick 1 elective to do and I ended up doing band because my friends did it. Anyways, it was when I moved to another middle school that I finally took my first art class in 9th grade as a 1-2 times a week minor (it was a 7-9 middle school). That was probably when I first did still life and paintings. So, the story isn't that interesting. After I took art, I enjoyed the class and ended up taking an art major class and then transitioned to AP studio art, drawing, then 2-d design. I dunno, I like art a lot and I might've even gone to art school if I had began art earlier and had taken it more seriously, but I definitely want to continue with it so I guess thats why I'm taking these classes.

Anyways, though I paint, I think I'm better at mediums like pencil, charcoal, ink, etc. so thats what I mostly do (when on my own). In drawings, I'm very detail oriented so the typical drawing takes me maybe 2 weeks to do. With my high school course load and drawings due every other week, my drawings quality usually went good, bad, good, bad, bad, good, bad... and so on since I drew somehting good and then made somethign crappy. With college, one thing I don't like is how little time you really have to draw. I mean, with the usual courseload, spending 20+ hours a drawing, which is how long it'll usually take me, is impossible and while I've liked this drawing class, I can't really say that I'm particularly happy with anything I've drawn all semester. I also wished at times that there would be more experimentation and more of a design aspect, that class could be less academic. I mean, while I like the academic drawing side a I feel that switching off here and there could be ok. Also, while I've taken drawing classes, my AP art classes were very loose in that you could do mostly whatever you wanted and academic instruction was infrequent (it was more with respect to issues and suggestions, etc.). As for the 9th and 10th grade art classes I had, one met very rarely and the other was introductory. I still can't say that i'm used to things like study drawings, etc.

Yea, I dunno, not too much else to say. I'm hoping painting, design, or other classes I'll take will be better with respect to time. Still, I'm happy to have taken this class. When I draw, there's always that feeling that can't really get doing anything else. The whole feeling of creating a drawing, though at times frustrating , is a feeling that I enjoy, and this class has been on the whole very enjoyable.

Since I'm probably the last the post, I'm not sure if anyone except Mr. Fick will read this, but I actually have some stuff online and if anyone feels like checking it out its the link below
Mmmmm, yea. I drew the things in there from 9th to the end of 11th grade with a few things in there from 12th grade).

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  1. If you want to learn how to draw, chances are you've tried already and made a bit of a mess of it. Don't worry, nobody can create a masterpiece right away; it takes time and practice before you can learn how to draw and make it look really good.