Thursday, December 3, 2009

Post 1900 Artist: DAIM

Daim is a German graffiti artist who works with many different types of media including graphite. He was born in Lueneburn, Germany in 1971. In 1989, Daim began his graffiti work as "CAZA." He graduated from high school at age 20 and continue his career as a graffiti artist. In 1994 he traveled through Denmark, France, and Switzerland and works as a graffiti art teacher in Germany, Denmark, and Switzerland. The following year and along with other international graffiti artists, he created the highest graffiti in the world; the ceremony takes place in Hamburg, Germany. In 1996, he traveled to New York and began studying fine arts in Switzerland. In 1998, Daim travelled to Croatia, Poland, Greece, Belgium and the United States and joins the international art-group FBI. In the early 2000s, Daim's work became more international and he travelled in the Graffiti World Tour, through countries including: Thailand, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico. His late work has consisted of design and less graffiti productions, though Daim continues to be well-known for his graffiti.

Though Daim's work is mostly on wall surfaces, I like his work with graphite and the way he sketches and plans a piece before using spray paint. His way of using depth is very particular and makes his style unique among thousands of graffiti artists. I like the way he uses value to make his sketches look as if they have volume. The level of complexity of his sketches is not comparable to any other artist in his area. Daim's work catches my attention because it pushes the traditional expectations of a graffiti sketch to a more detailed and tailored product.

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